Awasu » Premature optimization
Saturday 29th April 2006 11:25 AM [General]

There's an old programmers' saw about premature optimization: don't do it. Meaning don't twist your code totally out of shape in an effort to get it running as lean and mean as it possibly could before you've actually run it to see if performance is a problem.

A few people have reported Awasu's main window blanking out for short periods of time and/or it making the PC difficult to use when it's doing lots of updates. Both of these are almost certainly happening because Awasu is hitting the disk hard as it updates channels and while not wanting to make excuses, managing I/O on a multitasking system is something Windows has never handled very well (just look at how easily and often Explorer hangs when it's trying to access the network or you put a CD in the drive :roll:).

There are a few things I want to try to help alleviate this situation which I'm working on right now so if you're seeing any of the symptoms described above (typically if you have 200 or more channels), please shoot us an email and I'll get an experimental build out to you to have a play with.

Update #1: first change => insanely quicker. w00t! :jig:

Update #2: second change => much more responsive when doing lots of updates and much quicker otherwise. It's such a buzz making changes that have such an impact. It's like running 1.0 again :-)

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