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Tuesday 19th August 2003 5:40 PM [General]

Adina Levin writes about why RSS isn't push technology.

Media companies would pay huge premiums to snag plum real estate on the "webtop" [in a push environment]. The cable television business model would take over.

RSS newsreaders put the choice of content in the hands of the end-user [my emphasis].

Other people have been musing about similar issues e.g. arguments against RSS and 10 reasons why companies won't blog.

If you read these articles, you'll notice that one of the underlying themes is a loss of control on the part of the traditional content providers. Bosses don't want to lose control over what their proles valued employees are doing and saying, companies want to continue to bombard us with advertising to make us buy stuff.

Blogging routes around this, allowing people to connect with each other and disseminate information via informal channels. And if those channels start to lose their value to us, whether it be because of a decline in quality or excessive advertising or bias, we cut them off. Simple as that. The balance of power is shifting and the big boys don't like it :-)

Interesting times indeed.

And yes, I know that is an old Chinese curse :-)

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