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Friday 6th February 2009 11:10 PM [Awasu News]


I forgot our birthday two years ago :oops: and would've forgotten it this time around as well [1], were it not for a Post-It note I (wisely, it would seem) stuck on my computer several months ago :roll: I sneakily prepared the birthday retrospective well in advance this time and it's actually been up for a while already. Not many entries this time around since we were well into the final stages leading up to the 2.4 release, so most of the work was spit and polish and bug fixes rather than oodles of new features.

Nevertheless, it's amazing to see that we've made it this far and are still going strong. And that it's our sixth birthday is just that little bit more special, given our fondness for Winnie The Pooh (the main development machines are called WOOZLE and WIZZLE, my laptop is PIGLET, the super-duper test machine is TIGGER (which replaced the old and slow EEYORE), the build machine is RABBIT and the main server is, of course, OWL :) ).

Many thanks to everyone who's supported us over the years, both old and new, but particularly the old-timers. Now that 2.4 is out, it's very gratifying to see that people are impressed enough with the new features to shell out some of their hard-earned dosh to upgrade. Be assured that it will be put to very good use [2] :cool:

[1] For those of you in Australia, you may think that since today is the 7th, I've already missed it. However, given the magic of time zones, it's still the 6th for most of the rest of world. Anyway, you may recall that last year I quietly changed the big day from the 8th to the 6th, so I'm actually early :roll:
[2]OK, I admit it, I'm going to the pub tonight.

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I appreciate AWASU very much - even more since 2.4
Keep up your great work!

Congratulations Taka!
Thanks for all fo the hard work you've put into Awasu over the years making it both extremely powerful and easy to use.
See you back here same time next year! :-)

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