Awasu » No shit
Tuesday 25th May 2004 12:31 PM [General]

For the past few years, Thai elephants have become known for their painting. Is it art? Well, beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but proceeds from sales go towards helping protect the elephants which are very much endangered. Elephants are often mistreated by their mahouts who often can't afford to take care of them properly or paraded around in tourist areas, often late at night which is bad news since elephants are not night animals (unlike myself :-)) and so are usually jacked up on amphetamines to keep them awake. So anything that helps these amazing creatures is good news.

Another place is Elephant Dung Paper which makes paper out of elephant dung and surely has the funniest logo on the Internet today :-) They have photos of the manufacturing process and note that the logical next step is to get elephants painting on paper that they, ahem, made themselves. A great present for somebody you like. Or perhaps don't :-)

There are a lot of RSS news readers around these days but it's probably a pretty safe bet that none of the other authors talk about this kind of stuff on their blog :-)

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