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Monday 17th March 2003 8:00 PM [Awasu News]

A new forum has been set up for those of you who want to try your hand at writing plugins.

One of the most powerful features of Awasu is its extensibility. You can write small programs (channel plugins) to generate RSS feeds from any data source at all, not just those published by a web site. You can monitor information stored in databases, the status of a running program or perhaps a device plugged into your computer.

Or you can write application plugins that add functionality to Awasu itself, such as the Syndic8 plugin that comes as standard that lets you search's database of RSS feeds.

And coming soon are channel hooks, actions that can be performed when things happen on a channel. For example, you can send out emails when new items are found, store links in a database or monitor a channel in a ticker window.

Each forum also has its own RSS feed and so you can get Awasu to notify you when new threads are posted. Make sure Awasu is running and click on the orange XML button at the bottom of each forum to start the Channel Wizard.

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