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Thursday 11th December 2003 6:29 PM [General]

I love a good prank and have pulled off a few good ones in my time. One of them I almost got into Big Big Trouble for when the brown, gooey stuff hit the mechanical cooling device but we won't talk about that... :-)

Now, I'd be the first to admit that Japanese tourists are an easy target but this prank is just utterly childish, silly and very funny.

A practical joker has stirred up trouble by publishing a Japanese-to-English phrase book with incorrect definitions for every phrase!

...the phrase for 'I am very pleased to meet you' is given as 'My friend, your breath could knock over a water buffalo.'"

Of course, hackers have a long history of practical jokes although you'd have to be a true geek to find some of these funny :-)

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First off, I *love* what you're doing with Awasu - keep it up!

Also, this Japanese prank is very funny, but also *very* old, and *very* famously appeared in a Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch known as "The Hungarian Phrasebook" many years ago.

See the transcript at (e.g.)

See the video if you have a chance - like most Monty Python sketches, it's brilliant, and hilarious!

-Dan Rochman

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