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Sunday 24th April 2011 9:42 PM [General]

Dutch Tilders, the father of the blues in Melbourne, passed away yesterday :-(

Some videos of him playing are here. They're from quite a few years ago but I recently saw an interview with him on the community TV channel where he played a few songs and they had an amazing depth and subtlety that reflected his decades playing the blues, not just your standard bumpa-bumpa 12-bar.

The link above also has a great story about him :-)

[Dutch] had finished his set and had killed it as usual & we were having a talk side of stage. The DJ from the venue butted in with something about how him & Dutch were “really talented beacuse they were both in the music business” or words to that effect. Dutch just glared at the idiot and said “I’ve spent years learning my craft… you play fuckin’ records. Piss off!”

I'm definitely getting more irascible in my old age but the Dutchman undoubtedly set the gold standard :hysterical:

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NIce post. I enjoyed the video as well. Thanks for posting.

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