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Friday 11th March 2005 12:33 PM [General]

Hot on the heels of the 2.1.1.alpha1 release comes a new extension from Mathew Gower.

Enclosure Transfer is a channel hook for Awasu that turns Awasu into a podcast client for iTunes. The program automatically transfers MP3 enclosures downloaded by Awasu to iTunes, synchronizing a connected iPod. It also maintains the iTunes library of files, removing orphaned file links. The benefit of using Awasu in this fashion is that the user gains immediate access to show notes and blog entries associated with podcasts.

Thanks mate!

It really is quite easy to extend Awasu by writing a channel hook or plugin channel and there are lots of examples in the Samples sub-directory. Some are only a few lines long! Full documentation can be found in the online help and you can always post any questions in the forums.

You too can achieve fame, fortune, all the girls and eternal happiness by getting your extension posted up on the Awasu website! Just ask Mathew :wink:

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