Awasu » Monitor email accounts and web pages with Awasu
Tuesday 13th May 2003 9:00 PM [Awasu News]

One of the things we have really worked hard on is making Awasu as extensible as possible. One of our users, Allan Wilson, has written some plugins that will let you monitor an email account (using POP3 or IMAP) or monitor web pages for changes.

The great thing about these plugins is that they were written completely independently of Awasu and required no changes in the main program at all. In fact, you can use them with any version of Awasu, going back to the original 1.0!

If you want to write a plugin yourself, all you have to do is write a script to extract the information you're interested in from wherever it happens to be stored and generate an RSS feed for it. Awasu will run your script every time the channel is updated and you will be notified of any changes as soon as it happens!

So, if you've written a plugin that you think might be useful to others, let us know and we'll announce it here and put it up on the web site for everyone to download.

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