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Tuesday 18th April 2006 6:34 PM [General]

I've been accused (usually fairly) of being many things, but never of doing things by halves.

With the new and improved template processing engine now in place, I've added eleven (count 'em, eleven!) new channel templates to Awasu (with more to come) and it's freaking me out how good it all looks! So much so that I just had to give y'all a preview of what Awasu now looks like.

First, the venerable Rusty has been given a face-lift and a more modern aspect (see right).

Joining the crew are a swag of newcomers:



Then there are several homage templates :-)



And a couple of designs on a fruit-based theme...


And please don't argue with me, marshmallows are a fruit. Any takers for how long it'll take this page to become the first Google result for "marshmallows are a fruit" (along with this one)? :-)


Finally, one for the geeks amongst us and one for the girl(s):



The cool thing about these new templates is that they are all done solely via CSS. All the special scripting that pulls the feed content out of Awasu has been put into a separate (shared) file so that designers don't need to worry about it and can focus on the design and layout. The fruit-based themes are even easier. They share the same layout and differ only in the colors they use (and the watermark image) so you can create your own variations by simply tweaking a few color settings in the config file.

Channels can also now be configured to display in a special compact mode which is especially useful for feeds that provide only item titles without any content (see left).

2.2.1.alpha3 will be out in a few days. Can't wait! :jig:

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This is so exciting! I've been doing some playing with the templates myself, and I am geeking out that the new ones are solely CSS (and by the way, even though I'm a 'girl' I like the geekier template better *grin*.

Hey, send them in and we'll make them available to everyone. Fame and fortune are but an email away for you! :-)

One of the reasons behind making it 100% CSS-based was to encourage people to make their own templates and when you see the way we've set the files up, you'll see that it is *very* easy to see how everything works and start creating your own designs.

I keep on getting java scripting errors when I open articles. Why? I'm running the latest version of Awasu in IE 6 on Windows 2000 prof svc pack 4.

Ben: please check the forums.

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