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Thursday 7th August 2003 8:37 PM [General]

Not only have I been doing a lot of Oracle work recently, I've also been talking to several companies about customized versions of Awasu.

RSS is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your clients. The problems associated with mailing lists are well-known and RSS provides a much better solution anyway. An RSS feed has a lot more immediacy than a mass email (that most people will just ignore or miss anyway) and can provide a more personal touch to your customer relations. If you post frequently, you keep your company's name in the public's mind on an on-going basis. Every time that balloon pops up, in fact :-)

But if you provide a feed, your clients need a reader and that's where we can help you. Instead of telling your clients to go to another web site, download an open-source app (don't forget the >20 Mb .NET runtime most of them need!), run Winzip to extract everything, create shortcuts, etc. etc., you can provide a customized version on Awasu on your web site as a service to them. All they have to do is download the installer, run it and they'll be ready to go. And don't forget our comprehensive help and support (check the response times in our forums!).

Some of the customizations we can offer are:

  • Automatically create channels for your feeds.
  • Include links to your web site.
  • Open up at your home page when the program is first run.

Of course, they will also be able to monitor the usual news feeds, blogs, cartoons, everything! And hopefully, they won't forget who introduced them to the wonderful world of RSS :-)

As a marketing tool, providing your own RSS reader can reap you a lot of benefits. Mass emails are fine for formal notifications but an RSS feed presents a much friendlier face to your company. You could put out a tip of the day for using your product, provide teasers about new features planned for the next version of your software, gripe about what a lousy day you've been having, anything! An RSS feed provides a view into your company that probably won't have been there before and helps create a closer relationship between you and your clients.

As always, if you want to know more, send us an email!

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