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Thursday 11th March 2004 10:22 AM [General]

An interesting article about using RSS to manage information overload.

RSS is clearly a powerful tool for knowledge workers to gather information inside the firewall, but because of its simplicity, it also provides a way for organizations to replace other subscription models, such as email newsletters, and distribute information to interested parties outside the firewall. Lockergnome's Pirillo says bluntly, "Email is dead."

And also:

it [RSS] has great potential to help knowledge workers gather information more efficiently. What makes the news aggregator so useful is that it collects information effortlessly from the sites you previously needed to visit. Scott Young, CEO of UserLand Software, one of the pioneering RSS companies and makers of the Radio UserLand and Manila blogging tools, says, "RSS is an interesting way of getting information and news that you don't have to look for. In the past you went to a Web site, and if you liked it, you went to that site over and over again. If you had 10 sites you liked, that's what you did (or more than likely you didn't have time). RSS allows the information to come to you."

However, the article doesn't really address the issue mentioned it's title :-). RSS is great for bringing information to you but as people have been discussing in their blogs recently, it's easy to subscribe to an overwhelming number of channels (343 for me,and counting :eek:).

I've received a lot of feedback from people as they have upgraded to version 2.0 about how happy and impressed they are with Awasu (thanks, everyone) but to be honest, the party is only just starting. Hence the version number going up to 2. Now we've got all this information coming in, the next step is to do something useful with it and part of that is managing it, sifting through it all for the stuff that you really want.

We have a lot of experience with sophisticated search technology so this is going to be a lot of fun 8) We are right now in the process of changing the way Awasu the company works which will give me a lot more time to work on these features so it's definitely going to be an exciting time for us.

And Awasu has always been about much more than reading news and blogs. Using plugins and channel hooks, you can retrieve information from anywhere, not just the web. For example, you can extract sales data from your corporate databases, query web services or even a device plugged into your PC :-) for information, convert it all to RSS and then whack it into Awasu. This is a really fascinating piece of technology and you've only just seen the start of what Awasu is going to be able to do. Woo hoo! :-)

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