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Wednesday 13th October 2010 1:35 PM [General]

When the tumbleweeds start to take over the weblog, it usually means that I've been locked away in my cave, working on the next version of Awasu. Well, I've been locked away alright, but in my music cave instead.

Many moons ago, I wrote about jazz teddy bears, which started a chain of events that has resulted in my personal music web site being pushed out this week, It has a load of songs that I've recorded over the past few months (including a few new ones that haven't made it out to my SoundCloud page yet) and some tutorial videos as well.

The teddy in the picture used to belong to my sister and I tormented her when we kids by nicking it and playing footy with it around the house. She gave it to me years ago when I was hospitalized after a pretty bad accident (yah, OK, it was a really bad accident), while the cap was one that I wore at my very first gig.

I'm pretty pleased with how it's all come out, although given the amount of time and effort that's gone into it, you'd bloody well hope so :roll: Check it out, and in the meantime, I'll creep out of my music cave and turn around and git right back into my Awasu cave :whip:

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