Awasu » It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious
Monday 27th December 2004 8:21 AM [General]

I was getting all excited about flying out to Koh Samui today since I'm performing at the Koh Samui International Blues and World Music Festival.

Except of course a bloody great big earthquake has hit SE Asia. I wonder if any of the venues I'm supposed to be playing at are still standing? I'm taking my laptop down so I s'pose I'll be able to work on updating the help for 2.1 :roll: Samui is on the other side of the mainland from the epicentre so it's protected from the tsunamis but can anyone spell "aftershock"...?

Sigh... :-(

BTW, the Red Cross are taking donations here.

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Well, good luck to you. We wish you well from here in Central New York. I will follow the link to the festival you mentioned and watch for you.

Thanks. Things are fine over here and very busy since a lot of people who were going to the west side are over here instead.

The music is just smoking. There are so many amazing musicians here and it's a blast every night. And the big-name stars haven't even arrived yet!

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