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Monday 19th November 2012 10:15 PM [General]

A while back, I raved about Reaper, a really cool piece of software for recording and mixing music. Yesterday, it was their 7th birthday and they've certainly come a long way.

This is the early v0.0 version....

...and this is where they're at today, seven years later, using White Tie's stunning Imperial theme.

Good things take time to create, and it must be amazing feeling for the Reaper team to look back and think about how far they've come. Awasu has been around for a little longer - we started in 2002 - and our before screenshot looks pretty good as well :-)


I'm currently stress-testing The Beast and it's coming along well - it's quite cool watching Awasu madly creating channels and running reports, all via automated scripts running on another machine. Awasu Server is just the next stage of a larger plan for the product, so stay tuned...

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