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Sunday 18th February 2007 8:38 AM [General]

Tech support is hard.

My first job was at one of the main data centres at Australia's phone company, providing support for the operating systems on their ginormous mainframes. Thankfully, most of our work was with people who were technically savvy but every now and then, we would get someone who didn't really know much about computers and had to be walked through every key-press. Trouble-shooting problems is hard enough at the best of times but having to do it over the phone or email made a difficult job even more challenging.

Fast-forward to today and nothing much has changed. Awasu users tend to be more technically capable than average but there are still a lot of people who need help opening a command prompt or Explorer window. Taking care of them is definitely something of an art since they often don't have the technical knowledge nor vocabulary to even explain what the problem is beyond "it's not working" :-) Being psychic definitely helps in these situations :-)

Just imagine what it must've been like in the old days... :-D

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I feel your pain. I'm reminded though of a recent experience of mine where I had to be walked through every key press (and I consider myself one of the technically savvy that you mentioned!).

You see, I was a beta tester for the new Windows Vista. At one point during the beta testing period, my mouse quit working for no logical reason that I was able to determine. I called up Windows Vista support, and spent just about an hour on the phone with them trying to solve the problem. For just about every single thing that the technician told me do, I had to ask him what the keyboard equivalent was to the mouse click. Needless to say, that got quite tedious after a while.

My PC finally began to recognize that it had a mouse after all when I temporarily replaced my wireless Belkin mouse with a spare Microsoft mouse that we had. Once my PC recognized the Microsoft mouse, I was able to disconnect it and reconnect my Belkin mouse.

I don't think anyone realizes how much they depend on a mouse these days - until it quits working, like mine did!

He he, that's a cute story :-)

The touchpad on my laptop occasionally drops out so I also have to run everything from the keyboard when that happens. However, I'm a hard-core keyboard jockey so I'm quite happy doing that, plus Awasu was designed to be keyboard-friendly. Most of my friends' eyes pop out in amazement when they see me do it, though :-D

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