Awasu » If Dick Smith used an RSS reader…
Friday 17th October 2003 1:17 AM [General]

...Awasu would probably be his RSS reader of choice.

Of course, if you live outside of Australia you might not know who Dick Smith is, but it made me laugh :-)

I've just been trawling through Google checking out what people have been saying about Awasu and have noticed that there seem to be a lot more newbies starting to get into RSS. That's such a good sign and they all seem to be finding Awasu really easy to set up and use. Given that these non-technical people are who we had in mind when writing Awasu, it's nice to see that all that time and effort we spent making it easy to use was worth it.

And finally, work on the new synchronization feature (to keep copies of Awasu running on different machines in sync with each other) is progressing well. I said a while back that it shouldn't take too long to do - you'd think after 20 years of programming computers, I'd know better than to say something silly like that :roll: - but the first alpha should be going out to testers in a week or so. Send me an email if you'd like to help out with testing.

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I am a newbie (to RSS and XML anyway). :) Just downloaded Awasu and love it so far. It is very easy to use, has a lot of options and works really well. Thanks for a fantastic product.

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