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Saturday 10th June 2006 2:07 AM [General]

Then I could get serious problems in Windows that have been languishing for years in Microsoft's fault database reactivated by bitching about them in my blog.

No jokes, it took a tad over 7½ hours for an apology :shock: to arrive from the Windows product manager and the bug re-activated, and another 3 for the problem to be confirmed :bigshock:

Update: Not only that, it was only a matter of hours after Nick's initial post before it was reported in the mainstream press :hysterical:

Who says this blogging lark is a waste of time?! Although I seriously need to work on raising my profile instead of just being "that Awasu guy" :whistle:

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Hey, I'm as surprised as you are :) BTW, I think you should put your name on this blog if you want to stop being just "that Awasu guy."

>>> I think you should put your name on this blog

Yes, it used to be there but I think it disappeared when I upgraded WordPress.

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