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Friday 16th January 2004 9:02 AM [General]

Intel Unveils Coffee Nanoprocessors

San Jose, Costa Rica - Intel announced that it will join forces with a Costa Rican coffee exporting company, Café Britt, to produce a coffee-nanoprocessor hybrid, to increase productivity among computer engineers and other coffee addicts.

... The idea behind Pentium Coffee is simple. Nanoprocessors are mixed in with the coffee, and swallowed by the consumer. These microprocessors enter the bloodstream, travel around the body, and linked to the nervous system. These nanoprocessors aid the brain by performing complex mathematical operations. The processor’s perfomance is measured in CAFS (Complex Arithmetic Functions).

Production is expected to begin in late June, when the developers' coffee-induced hyperactivity is expected to calm down. The coffee will be sold in anti-static plastic bags, and will come in three different flavors: Regular (100 Teracafs), MMX (200 Teracafs), and Celeron (50 Teracafs).

Ain't technology grand! :-) :roll:

And for those of you who think that our support response times are too slow, just get me a crate and see what happens! :cool: :wink:

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