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Friday 5th September 2003 11:11 AM [Awasu News]

Major new features implemented since my last update:

  • Optimized channel updating (it's much faster now!).
  • Added the ability to only show unread or new feed items.
  • Handle unescaped ampersands in feeds.
  • Exposed in the UI the ability to use different templates for the channel summary pages. This feature has been in since day one but you had to tweak config files to do it. People might actually use it now :-)
  • Changed the way Awasu handles channels that have errors when updating.
  • Feed items have the time that they were published displayed in channel summaries.

And, of course, lots of smaller changes and bug fixes. The next beta release will be in about 10 days to two weeks.

I need a holiday. Sigh... :-(

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i am using awasu for last couple of weeks and it is simply great, user friendly and the keyboard shortcuts hotkeys are very useful.

as you say you have new features implemented, how can i get those?
what do i have to do?

These features will be in the next beta which will be released in a week or two. New beta releases are announced here so make sure you stay subscribed to this channel :-)

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