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Tuesday 13th February 2007 12:24 PM [General]

Some of you will know of Nick Bradbury as the author of another feed reader (almost as good as Awasu :wink:) who, like myself, often writes about non-RSS stuff [1], such as the time he got roped into playing piano in a church service because he wanted to score points with his girlfriend. He only knew a few songs and ended up playing Closer to the Heart by Rush, although his girlfriend handled it admirably and helped him pull it off :-)

Now, it's not widely known but trying to impress chicks has been the driving force behind most of the significant advances in human history. Isaac Newton was hoping to dazzle the girl down the road when he formulated his Laws of Motion and all that e=mc2 stuff, well, big Al was just looking to score with that cute secretary on the second floor. Lord knows, the only reason I'm working on Awasu is to impress the ladies at the pub :roll:

Well, I used to say that in jest but as is often the case, truth may be stranger than fiction. Business Pundit writes that college students have taken to pretending to be in a startup to try and pull chicks :blink:

I asked this guy (let's call him J) why he was so interested in startups. "The chicks," he said, without missing a beat. I laughed. "Sure," I said. "Women your age love workaholics with no money, no stability, and an uncertain future." He spent a few seconds talking about how he liked building things, and how entrepreneurship seemed like a good fit for that. Then said that he and his college roommates had used a startup to meet girls. I didn't believe him, and had to hear the story for myself.

Not only that, these guys would go down to the pub and hand out business cards to the prettiest girls, saying that they were looking for, um, testers :hysterical:

BP expresses some skepticism about whether such a thing could be the start of a trend but it doesn't surprise me at all. Kids are very familiar with MySpace and FaceBook and instantly grok what you're talking about if you say you're in the process of building the next one. Creating a SAP-killer just doesn't have that same street-cred. And knowing that there are mega-sites out there that were also built by college dropouts working from their bedroom at their parents' house makes it actually plausible :roll:

One of the comments to BP's post really made me smile:

Entrepreneurs are hot. Seriously: my husband is starting up a business making cases for wind instruments. So it's not exactly YouTube; we're probably not gonna get rich. But it's been years since I've seen him so excited. Let's face it--women are wired to respond to driven men.

It definitely cuts both ways; I've already written about how cool it is to see women are who are good at something rather than just trying to get by on their looks.

I was always a bit stumped as to what title I should have on my business card. Director or CEO sounds kinda corny but I now know what it should be.

Entrepreneurial Stud :cool:

[1] If only to keep ourselves sane. For example, I shoulda actually said "non-RSS/RDF/Atom stuff" :roll:

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