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Friday 29th September 2006 1:43 AM [General]

We're about to release 2.2.4.alpha2 to the testers and I nearly had a screaming fit this morning when I fired up Google Reader to find that they've completely revamped the user interface (OK, so I've been really ill all week and a bit grumpy). Fortunately, it looks like their underlying API hasn't changed and so Awasu's synchronization plugin still works

Actually, the new UI is kinda nice. The old one was certainly cool from a technical point of view but a bit weird for users. The new interface is still cool but more traditional and certainly more to my liking. Check it out and get yourself set up for 2.2.4.alpha2 next week. Being able to sync with a bunch of other feed readers is really nifty and indirectly allows for something that I've wanted Awasu to do for ages, be able to access your feeds from mobile devices. Both Bloglines and Google Reader let you do this so if you've just got yourself a funky new phone, now you can!

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