Awasu » Giant Steps
Wednesday 14th February 2007 1:10 AM [General]

While I posted yesterday about college students pretending to be in a startup to impress girls instead of the older, more traditional route of pretending to be in a band, I usually don't have to pretend since I really am a musician (or at least, I can make a reasonable impression of one). When people ask me what instrument they should start with, I tell them that if they're really serious about the whole thing, saxophone is by far the best tool for pulling chicks with. Guitarists and keyboard players are a dime a dozen but the ladies always dig a guy with a horn. It's particularly cool in my case since I play with a wireless mike so I can go into the crowd and dance with the prettiest ones :cool:

Now, maybe it's just because I'm a saxophonist but I found this video of a robot playing John Coltrane's Giant Steps strangely hypnotic. A lot of people have had their jobs taken over by machines but musicians have been immune from that to a certain degree, even with the advent of sequencers and other electronic gizmos, but I'm not sure how much longer this is going to last :-D I can play better than this box of bits but I'm sure they're working on that. I'm also better looking, although not by much. That definitely won't last for long :roll:

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