Awasu » GetEmail plugin channel updated
Monday 22nd March 2010 10:41 AM [Awasu News]

It's been an insanely busy few months since New Year but I'm finally finishing up my bit in a project I've been working on recently (and I'm extraordinarily glad to see the back of it :wall:) and start to transition over to a new thing I've got coming up. Much less well paid but it will be immensely enjoyable - ain't it always the way :roll:

Anyway, the email-to-RSS plugin channel has been broken for a while but it's finally been updated, the testers have taken it for a spin around the block and it seems to be chugging along just fine.

Have fun with it - the source code is included with it :wink: - and I'll see y'all in April. I've got a whole bunch of things in my queue to write about... :-)

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