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Saturday 10th April 2004 10:38 PM [General]

It's been a bit quiet here in the weblog since the release of 2.0 but that's not because I've been taking it easy. Quite the opposite, in fact. I've been flat out working on the next beta which will archive feed content as it comes in.

It's easily the biggest and most complex change that has ever been made to Awasu and since it's the kind of thing that is best done in one big hit, I've locked myself away in the dungeons to do it. Someone pushes a bit of bread and water through the slot every now and then to keep me going as I sit chained to my desk, churning out code at a pretty good clip. Certainly that most important of software development metrics, Curse Words Per Minute, has been right up there :)

Anyway, I've now got a very crude version up and running that archives content - woo hoo! I had a self-imposed deadline of this weekend to get to this point and I'm very glad that I made it since I'm not going to be getting much work done next week. More on that next week.

Awasu's entire internal object model has been redesigned to provide a powerful and flexible framework for managing content. As usual, I've over-engineered it to the max - even over the Internet, I can hear the eyes of everyone who knows me rolling :roll::roll::roll: - but it lays the groundwork for native Atom support and the more sophisticated features we have planned for later this year.

Because there have been so many extensive changes, we will be having an extended period of alpha testing. The first cut won't be out for a few weeks but if you would like to help test this new version, please send us an email and I'll let you know when I push it back out through the slot...

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