Awasu » Divided loyalties
Monday 12th June 2006 6:02 AM [General]

Both my parents are Japanese and I carry a Japanese passport but I've spent most of my life in Australia (and England before that).

The two countries meet today in the Group F opening match and to my surprise, I find myself barracking for Japan. I guess blood really is thicker than Tim Tams :-D

I need to get me one of those silly headbands by tonight...

Update: Well, that's the end of Japan's World Cup campaign. You don't go from being 1-0 up only to give away 3 goals in the last 8 minutes and recover from that :-(

I didn't find a headband to wear but that was probably for the best; the pub was packed to gills with Aussies Luckily I had a baseball cap and was able to pull down the brim and quietly slip out the back

Oh well, back to work... :-(

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