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Saturday 27th September 2003 11:52 AM [General]

I hang out here quite a lot (OK, too much :-() and one of the regulars had a really nice idea today: set up a blog where each of your family members can contribute as a means of letting each other know what you're all up to.

I live in Australia, my sister is in London and the rest of my family is in Holland so this would be way cool for us except for the fact that only I am really into computers. But if it works for you, let us know!

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I'm doing something like that as an off shoot of Yahoo! Groups. I have an Art group with a small following and recently setup a blog that lets us talk about the ArtWork we are doing. The problem is that they can kind of only put in comments and text, while I can setup tables and pictues and backgrounds and include links and etc.

I think we need a really nice, well developed interface that lets them easily do these things without having to see a lot of "code". (Or maybe see no code at all!)

Then, of course you have to get them to install Awasu (of course it has to be Awasu ) and learn how to use it.

You may also want to look into something like which doesn't use blogs, but does have a very nice interface. Even your Great Grandmother can use that thing! (Well... maybe not if she's trying to do so from "the other side").

Still... good idea!

I've actually thought of doing that, but what stopped me was the idea that everyone in the world could read what we were up to. I'd want some sort of log-in.

It is possible to set up feeds that require a login and Awasu supports them. Talk to your ISP or web hosting provider and they'll tell you how to set it up.

I tried this previously. None of my family 'got it'.
Luddites, the lot of 'em.

Ah, but what if the parents used the blog to distribute money to kids? See how fast everyone would sign up then :-)

I bought a domain for the family for Xmas a few years ago and tried to use Blogger, but only a few people in the family used it for a few weeks, then it died on the vine.

Perhaps in another year or two the rest of the family will catch on. Or not ;)

... but isn't the idea really to get as far from each of your family members as possible?? Our axis was Tokyo-London-Marseille-Puerto Rico.

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