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Sunday 23rd May 2004 11:51 AM [General]

A good post from Brent Simmons about co-operation between developers:

1. Collegial competition is better than enmity. For instance, I have a policy about not criticizing other feedreaders or their developers. Illustrating distinctions is cool, but in a professional way. Saying that X sucks or Y is stupid or Z is bad is not cool.

2. I like it when apps inter-operate; I like it when apps are compatible. I like this as a user, because it means choice, and I like it as a developer, because it means I can help make users happy, and it means I can promote #1 above.

3. The above principles are related.

Brent mulls over whether he should put a paragraph in his documentation that says “By supporting this format, you agree that drawing distinctions between your application and competing applications should be done in a professional manner, and that expressing strongly negative, subjective value judgments is not professional.”

While this is a nice idea, I suspect it's perhaps not all that necessary. Simply by supporting a common format and going out of your way to implement interoperability, you are demonstrating your support. Actions speak louder than words and the technical features that your program offers has little to do with civilty, basic courtesies and professionalism.

There have been some amazing flame wars over RSS vs. Atom between people with well-known adversarial relationships :-) which, while entertaining, do little to foster progress and development. This is a subject that I have been fairly quiet on but Awasu already allows Atom feeds to be read through the use of XSLT and those of you who have been poking around in the database used by the latest 2.0.1 alpha will have seen some tables that are currently not being used that look suspiciously like they correspond to some Atom elements :-)

Ultimately, Brent hits the nail on the head when he says that interop is good because it makes users happy. And of course:

    happy users => happy taka
happy users => sales => happy taka

So I win big :-)

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