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Sunday 2nd July 2006 6:56 AM [Awasu News]

The competition for channel templates has closed and copies of the Professional Edition are on their way to all entrants :clap:

One of the entrants was almost apologetic about her submissions, saying that she had simply tweaked some of the existing ones and wasn't sure if they qualified for entry. To which I would say: absolutely!

The creative process is very much a case of building upon other peoples' work. A musician or dancer or painter spends an untold number of years studying work of the masters who have gone before them, simply copying their work at first but as their ability increases, adding their own ideas and interpretations until they have developed a style of their own. Even then, it is often easy to see the influence of other people in their work.

So yes, simply tweaking one of our existing templates is fine and LittleDino came up with a look that I never would have (a bit too girly for me :-)). The whole point of the competition was to show how easy it is to come up with your own themes and you've all shown exactly that.

Thanks! :cool:

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