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Friday 6th October 2006 7:13 AM [Awasu News]

Woo hoo!

Starting this weekend, I'm taking a few weeks off, my first real holiday in, well, a while :-(, going to Palawan in the Philippines to do a bit of wreck diving. And since I got my nitrox certification last year, I'll be able to blow bubbles for that much longer :-)

Coron Town, where I'll be staying, is about a half square kilometer in size and while they claim to have electricity in the evenings, apparently it's a bit unreliable. My kind of town . There is internet access but obviously it sounds like it might be a bit flaky so apologies in advance if I'm a bit slow responding to email and support requests. I might have to smuggle in some of our hamsters to beef up the local workforce. I won't be taking a laptop either (a tough call, really! :roll:).

In case you couldn't tell, I'm kinda looking forward to this trip and so, in order to spread the joy a bit, while I'm away there will be a special 50% discount on upgrades from the Advanced to Professional Edition. Just go to the special order page and use the promotion password BUBBLES.

Have fun. I know I will :jig:

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