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Wednesday 2nd May 2007 3:06 PM [Awasu News]

As I sheepishly admitted mentioned a few weeks ago, we had our fourth birthday in February and so while it's a tad late, the annual retrospective is now up.

It was a year of fewer but more sophisticated features, some perhaps not so conducive to snazzy screenshots :-) but very significant nevertheless.

For power users, metadata modules was the big one. These let you extract your information out of your feeds and into Awasu, completing Awasu's concept of end-to-end information management.

For the casual user, the coolest new feature is a toss-up between being able to keep working offline or the ability to synchronize with other feed readers.

And, of course, enhanced security is good for everyone :cool:

It was an insanely busy year, not only with work on the new release but also producing customized and branded versions for people and putting together larger deals like this one (and another one on the way :wink: ).

Can't wait to see what the coming year will bring :jig:

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Happy birthday! :-)

I very much appreciate Awasu as well as your prompt support on the forums - thanks!

Best wishes


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