Awasu » Beep beep beep!
Tuesday 10th April 2007 5:41 AM [General]

As a computer programmer and musician, there was never really any chance of me being a morning person :roll: When I need to get up in the morning, I actually use my old pager from when I lived in Hong Kong because it has the most insanely annoying beep, enough to wake even me (most of the time). I use a second clock as a backup although I have been known to sleep through both of these :blink:

Jeremy Wagstaff writes about a bunch of different clocks that are designed especially for people like me. This one fires jigsaw puzzle pieces into the air that you have to put back together to turn it off :-) . I used to be a bit of whizz on the Rubik's Cube so maybe I'd need something a bit more challenging :roll:

It's my birthday soon, if anyone was short on ideas for something to get me... :wink:

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