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Tuesday 18th May 2010 3:04 PM [General]

At the risk of disturbing the tumbleweeds bouncing by :-| a quick update on what's been happening these past few months behind the curtain here...

I've been back in the woodshed and also doing some work in my newly-pimped out studio, with some rather pleasing results. Dancing In The Rain is, amazingly, the first song I put together, and it's come out remarkably well.

If you can't see the audio clips embedded in this post because you don't have Flash installed (or Awasu has stripped them out :roll: ), you can also hear them here.

A bit more up-beat, Give It To Me.

Of course, I've been rabbiting on all these years about how I play sax, so here's a track of me playing a "real" instrument :roll: Back around 1875 when I first started studying jazz, I had a pair of Aebersold play-alongs, one with a bunch of Charlie Parker songs in it and the other from Miles Davis. The Parker one was too hard and since the first song in the Miles book was Four, that was the first jazz song I ever tried to learn and so naturally, it's the first cab off the rank here :-)

But have no fear, in amongst all this noodling around in the studio, I'm still plugging away on the next version of Awasu. By popular request, some big extensions to the API and search engine are in the works and the next release will be in a week or two...

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Dude, I got one word for ya...


Ok you knew I couldn't stop at one word. That was totally awesome! I see at your page you've also got a blues tune too; maybe we should call you "T-Bone Taka" :-)

I know you like layering all of the other instrument sounds on the tracks and they sound great, but a real sax is probably the most expressive instrument around. Growls, squeals, squawks, screams, and purrs all under your control; so don't lose touch with that divine sax.

Thanks again for all the work you've put into this release. I've recently begun working (again) on a couple of Awasu extensions; hopefully I'll have one of them ready in a few weeks.

>>> I see at your page you’ve also got a blues tune too

My background is actually blues, I only started playing jazz because as a sax player, it's kinda the law :|

>>> but a real sax is probably the most expressive instrument around

It is indeed, it's probably the closest thing to the human voice. Thing is, the live recordings are taking much longer to put together than the purely electronic ones, mostly because I don't really know what I'm doing :| I used to do a bit of recording and mixing years ago, so I'm not starting from absolute zero, but it's still something that takes years to get a handle on.

I've done a bunch of other sax pieces, but nothing really good enough to release. I was using my live performance mike which, while good, isn't really quite up to studio work, so I got a decent mike the other day and just finished taking it for a spin tonight. Even before mixing, the results are noticeably better, so there should be some more live pieces coming soon...

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