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Tuesday 1st February 2005 10:13 PM [General]

I've been trying to come up with a tagline for Awasu for ages. This one's nice - Awasu, the innovative RSS reader - and brought a smile to my face. Any other suggestions?

And while it might not be rejoicing in the streets, a lot of people will be happy to know that I've started work on adding folders to the My Channels window. I've been slogging away this past week at rebuilding some of the underlying infrastructure to support it. The plan is to do this re-architecting work but not change the way Awasu works and then build folders on top of that. It's depressing work, all this coding and effort and testing to come up with something that works exactly the same way it does now :-(. Still, I've had a chance to clean up a lot of the appalling hacks and design errors slightly less than optimal code that's currently there. As someone much wiser than me once said, every line of code is a liability, so this clean-up is probably a Good Thing (tm).

And no, I haven't finished playing Half Life 2 yet but I'm almost done... :-)

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When i first started using Awasu, I really wanted folders. Several months later, I've learned to live without them. But i'm still definitely looking forward to seeing them. I know it seems like a lot of work for just a little gain, but those folders will add another level of polish to an already great program. With folders, i might even get back to filtering things again.

Right now i use two filters, show all and show unread. I know i could set up filters to make things a little nicer -- hide the channels i don't view often, that kind of thing. But even with 100 feeds, I find it's easier to just quickly scan the list for what i want than to bother toggling filters on and off. Anything i get tired of staring at, i mark as read so it goes away.

However, if i could easilly drag those feeds into various topical folders, well even I'm not so lazy as to avoid that.

Anyway, what i mean is, thanks for keeping up the hard work. I (and i'm sure i speak for many of us) really do appreciate it.

Yep. The last release cycle was focused on hard-core features in the aggregator but the next one will be lots and lots of spit and polish. There will still be heaps of new cool features coming but the emphasis is going to be on the UI.

Considering the name and its Japanese meaning, what about something like... Awasu - connecting readers to the world through RSS? It plays on the subtle connotations of the name, and implies a global outlook.

BTW, I'm really glad I found Awasu...thanks! :-)

How about
Awasu, not just another RSS reader.

In a way i'm sad you've had to give in to the information tree model. Especially afetr this excellent post from Dave Weinberger looking to a future that Awasu is already implementing. Taxonomies and Tags

On the other hand, cleaning up cludgy code is, as you say, a Good Thing.

Was it not from you that I also learned that every program could always be reduced by one line of code and that every program will always contain at least one bug? leading to the conclusion that every program could be encoded in a single line, that would contain a bug.

Have fun.
From Trees to Piles of Leaves


Awasu: A(soft)ware

OK, I'll go to bed now.

Yep, I saw that post from DW and gave myself a little pat on the back. There is definitely a trend for this kind of categorization so it's good to see we were well ahead of the game :-)

The new My Channels is kinda neat. It combines the familiarity of a traditional tree structure with the power of the old categories and filters. We've taken what was good about the old way and extended it, not thrown it away.

"Know better"

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