Awasu » Awasu Feed Parser SDK released
Friday 16th December 2005 1:38 PM [Awasu News]

We are pleased to announce the release of the Awasu Feed Parser SDK.

If you've been thinking about adding RSS/Atom features to your application, you've probably already found out that parsing feeds is a messy process. The many different versions of RSS/Atom are bad enough but the myriad ways that publishers have interpreted, misunderstood or just plain ignored the specs makes the whole thing a bit of a nightmare.

Using the Awasu Feed Parser SDK eliminates all of this hassle. Simply link the SDK in with the rest of your application and you instantly have access to same well-tested, proven feed parsing engine used by Awasu itself. You can check out the SDK documentation here and a sample program here.

Our first customer has just released the latest version of their program that takes advantage of the SDK. Download Studio is one of the most highly-regarded download managers around with (almost) as many review stars and glowing comments as Awasu does :-). Part of the new feature set includes an embedded feed reader, primarily aimed at downloading podcasts and other enclosures. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

We'll be working closely with these guys on a few other things in the new year as well so stay tuned...

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