Awasu » Awasu and Windows 98
Tuesday 15th July 2003 11:42 AM [General]

I am currently upgrading Awasu to better handle feeds in languages other than English. Anyone who's done this kind of work before will know what a horrible job it is. Anyone who has had the misfortune to talk to me recently will know what a grumpy little Taka I've been :mad:

One of the consequences of this upgrade is that Awasu will no longer just work on Windows 98. It is possible to do but it involves extra work.

When we were first writing Awasu, one of the initial design decisions we made was that it should work on Windows 98. But given that I am totally swamped as it is, I would very much like to drop this requirement.

If you use Awasu on W98 and would like to continue to do so, let us know and if enough people respond, I'll try to dilate the space-time continuum to squeeze more hours into a day...

Update: This also applies to Windows ME.

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