Awasu » Awasu Advanced Edition and Windows 98/Me
Tuesday 19th August 2003 11:16 AM [Awasu News]

I have received a few queries about Awasu and Windows 98/Me, especially with regard to the Advanced Edition. There seems to be a bit of confusion and upon reflection, I have to agree that it is confusing. Sorry y'all... :oops: This is how it works:

  • Awasu 1.1 is a full, public release (it has 2 digits in the version number) and both the free Personal Edition and paid Advanced Edition run on all operating systems (including 98/Me).
  • Awasu 1.1.1 is the latest beta release and runs only on NT/2000/XP.

So, if you like Awasu and want to register but are worried that it won't run on 98/Me, it will. When you register, you get 1.1 which will work fine.

As far as future versions go, providing continuing support for 98/Me is something that we very much want to do. If you want to run on 98/Me, send me an email since I'm doing this because I'm such a nice guy rather than because I've received an avalanche of requests :-)

The next beta (1.1.2) will be released early next month and hopefully I will be able to add 98/Me support shortly after that.

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