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Wednesday 26th April 2017 9:53 PM [Awasu News]

We have Pi Day, we have Square Root Day, there's even a Weed Day; well, today is Awasu Day.

Awasu listens on port 2604 for HTTP API requests, and while I realize y'all in the USA write your dates backwards, here in Australia, today is 26/04, and so it's insanely appropriate to announce the release of Awasu 3.1 here.

It's better, faster, sexier than ever before - check out the features here and here - and even better, no price increase! :clap:

So, grab it while it's hot, and I'm off to the pub... :jig:

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"...while I realize y'all in the USA write your dates backwards..."

We do a lot of dumb things in the USA, especially in the first week of November (elections).

The upgrade process was great and Awasu 3.1 is happily running all-day, everyday; providing much-needed knowledge and entertainment, thanks again!!!

No worries, and thanks :)

Back in the mists of time, I used to work at a company that had developers in America and Australia, and so to avoid confusion, we wrote dates using a "DDmmmYY" format e.g. "26apr17". I still use it, and you can see it in Awasu's logging.

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