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Wednesday 22nd March 2017 2:39 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.1.rc1 has been released here.

Most of the work for this release was for the installer, which will upgrade your existing installation to 3.1, if you're running 3.0, or any of the 3.0.x betas. If you're running a 2.x version, or (eek!) a 1.x version, please contact us for details on how to upgrade.

The documentation has also been updated, and is available here (a CHM version will be coming later).

Note to self: if anyone asks you to do installer work, run away! It's a horrible job, testing on different versions of Windows, with many different scenarios that need to be verified. But it's all done now, so I'll let this release bake before pushing out the final 3.1 general release in a few weeks. Woo hoo!

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Sawat dee pee mai!

I finally updated Awasu 3.1.rc1 to and the the updater work great, thanks for that!!!

I remember a few headaches when I had to customize some Windows Installer-based setup programs (MSI file extension), for my former employer.
It was a real headache at first, although using Microsoft's Orca editor made it much easier; and of course I worked in an enterprise environment where most of the target PC were configured similarly, so it's not as bad as what you have to deal with.

Thanks for sticking with it!

Ah, you noticed that as well :-) It always makes me smile when I see that, because each the time a year has passed and Thai new year rolls around again, I've forgotten that I put it in :facepalm:

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