Awasu » Awasu 3.0.3.alpha1 released
Thursday 1st October 2015 5:29 PM [Awasu News]

It's been an arduous slog to get this release finished, but Awasu 3.0.3.alpha1 is finally done, and it has probably one of the shortest change lists you're ever likely to see:

  • Made Awasu run faster :)

Core components of Awasu's underlying feed engine are running a whopping 3-5 times faster, so you should see Awasu running noticeably quicker. I've also done a lot of work making sure that things work in non-English environments.

These changes affected nearly every file in Awasu's source code, and I was trawling through some code that hadn't been touched in literally 20 years :bigshock: There was some seriously freaky stuff in there - they don't call it code spelunking for nothing :roll: One consequence of this is that some things may have been broken, so please keep an eye out for any weirdness.

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