Awasu » Awasu 3.0.2.alpha3 released
Saturday 29th November 2014 5:51 AM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.2.alpha3 has just been released here.

This is a spit-and-polish release, fixing up numerous small things. In particular, there seems to be a trend amongst publishers to include massive images in their feeds, which is incredibly annoying since they take up 2 or 3 times the available screen space, so Awasu now resizes these down to a more sensible size.

Awasu also now gathers a lot of information about its own operation, although this is for Awasu Server only, for performance monitoring. As always, let us know if you're interested in beta-testing a high-performance, service-based version of Awasu.

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Resizing of images was very much required. Thanks !

Yah, it was driving me nuts as well :-)

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