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Sunday 14th December 2008 8:16 AM [Awasu News]

The second 2.4 release candidate [?] is now available here.

I kid you not, the day I make good on my long-standing promise to pack it all in and become a monk is fast approaching :mad:

Some time ago, Google Reader changed the way it works in such a way that it broke Awasu's synchronization plugin. A quick look at the problem indicated that it wasn't going to be a trivial fix and so had to be put on the back-burner until the 2.4 release was done.

Well, I finally got a chance to take a proper look at things and as it turned out, only a few lines of code needed to be changed to get things going again. Of course, the amount of faffing around I had to do to figure out which few lines of code needed changing was enormous and then, of course, the whole thing needed to be completely re-tested. But it's working again and I'm pretty happy about that since it's a very handy feature to have.

However, testing brought up an issue in the main Awasu app that, while it didn't cause my computer to explode in a searing ball of flaming pyrotechnics, seriously affects usability for all sync plugins and therefore really needed fixing. This means another release candidate :-(

If you've already installed RC1, you don't really need to install RC2, although it would be appreciated (for testing porpoises). However, if you sync with any external feed readers, then install this release (together with the new Google Reader plugin) and let me know how it goes...

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I so appreciate the work you do!
I hope you enjoy it too :-)
- and I eagerly look forward to 2.4!

>>> I eagerly look forward to 2.4!

So do I. It means I'll be able to take a break... :roll:

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