Awasu » Awasu 2.3.4.alpha2 released
Thursday 26th June 2008 7:56 AM [Awasu News]

The second 2.3.4 alpha release [?] is now available here.

Lots of chunky Awasu goodness in this release with new features offering integration with a swag of online services :cool:

The new Feed Services feature lets you quickly subscribe to feeds from places like, Digg, Flickr and YouTube. And if they change the format of their feed URL's and break your channels, Awasu is smart enough to try fix things up and get them going again :clap:

And I've already written about the new Send-to feature that lets you send feed items and other content to places like Digg, Furl and StumbleUpon.

Alpha3 will be out in a couple of weeks with a few minor fixes and that'll be the 2.3.4 beta release. In the meantime, I've just loaded up Bioshock so I might be a little (ahem) busy for the next few days... :oops:

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