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Thursday 12th July 2007 1:36 PM [Awasu News]

The first 2.3.1 alpha release [?] is now available here.

The first release off the block in a new release cycle would normally include an update of the various third-party components we use but this has been deferred for alpha2 since I really wanted to address the issue of Awasu affecting the usability of your PC when it was working hard, updating lots of channels.

Some people mentioned that Awasu was using up lots of CPU but this, in fact, is OK since it would give it up if someone else wanted to use it. As I described here, the problem has always been disk access and this release contains two optimizations that address this.

Firstly, the way Awasu tracks read/unread items has been re-architected and the new design is faster, hits the disk less and gives better results (win-win-win :cool: ). One of the big culprits in this area has always been showing in the My Channels window how many unread items each channel has, so if you can live without this feature, turning it off will speed things up even more.

Secondly, the way Awasu saves new content in the database has been tweaked and there is a debug switch that lets you experiment with this. This is an audience-participation release and feedback I get from you guys will determine how this optimization will eventually work when the 2.3.1 beta is released.

Awasu should run a lot better now so please let us know how it goes (post a comment here if you're over the moon with the improvements, private email (ahem) otherwise :wink: ).

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Superb! I've been waiting for this one as my machine regularly grinds to a halt when update cycles start...


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