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Sunday 22nd April 2007 9:16 AM [Awasu News]

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the betas, this one's for you. It comes with an installer so all you have to do is download and run it [1] and it will automagically upgrade everything for you :clap:

The feature list has been updated for the new version, as has the tour and you can get the full low-down in the new online help [2].

For those of us who run the betas, it's easy to forget how far Awasu has come since 2.2 (and before :blink: ) but if you go back and run it or check out the old online help, you can see how the new people are going to be in for a big surprise at how far Awasu has come in the past year-and-a-bit :D

Eric Sink, the founder of SourceGear, recently released a new version of their product the other day and the last line of his announcement completely nailed it for me:

Bottom line: Our product got better today. It's a good day.

I am so off to the pub tonight :jig:

[1] If you're running 2.3.rc4, there's no need to upgrade since nothing has changed since this release.
[2] The CHM will be available shortly. I'm still waiting on a few graphics from our way-cool graphic designer.

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Congrats and enjoy yourself in the pub. Any idea when 2.4 will be released? :P

2.4 is going to be a very short release cycle so it won't be (ahem) too long :-)

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