Awasu » Awasu 2.3 documentation is online
Sunday 8th April 2007 7:55 AM [Awasu News]

The online documentation for 2.3 is now available (the CHM will be made available when 2.3 is released).

It's taken a bit longer than I would've normally liked but there have been a few fairly significant new features in this release cycle that needed a lot of documentation (e.g. the new template processing engine).

I've tightened up a lot of the writing [1] and it definitely looks much better than before. It's been almost a year-and-a-half since the 2.2 release so I figure it's worth taking an extra week or two to make the documentation look good :cool: Just my Japanese heritage showing through again, I s'pose :roll:

Feedback is, as always, most welcome.

[1] Gawd, I waffled on dreadfully in the 2.2 help. Why didn't anybody say something?!

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