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Wednesday 19th July 2006 10:50 AM [Awasu News]

Awasu 2.2.3 has been released.

This release rocks! First off, it contains a lot of optimizations and other tweaks that fix the performance issues that some people were reporting. Awasu just flies now! ::-):

The other major feature addresses some of the questions that people around the net are starting to ask: (1) can I get at the extra information that many publishers are embedding in their feeds and (2) can I actually do anything with all this information coming in (other than just sit in front of the screen and watch it fly by)?

Metadata modules are a new addition that let you tell Awasu how to extract any extra information that may have been embedded in a feed. Many modules have already been set up to handle most of the feed extensions in common use today (screenshots) and you can, of course, write your own.

Metadata modules close the loop and fully enable Awasu to be a truly powerful information management tool. You can publish feeds with your own proprietary information embedded in them (or use Awasu's plugin channels to retrieve the info from anywhere) and then use metadata modules to tell Awasu how to extract that custom info from the feed. Channel hooks provide the final magic, allowing you to analyze all this yummy data and take some action based upon it! :clap:

I hate to use the word innovative since it has gotten such a bad smell from overuse by the hypesters but Awasu is really starting to push the envelope for what feed readers can do. If you just want something to monitor a bunch of blogs, there are lots of choices but if you need something with a bit of grunt under the hood and can actually do something useful with the flood of information, you've come to the right place... :cool:

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Except in the personal edition? :(

You mean the metadata modules? It's a pretty powerful feature for the free edition :-)

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