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Friday 10th March 2006 9:50 AM [Awasu News]

The first 2.2.1 alpha release (what's this?) is now available here.

One of the advantages of writing your own feed reader is that you get to add the features that you want yourself :-). Of course, the 23.5x7 workload is one of the downsides but that's another post for another day :cry:.

I do a lot of my feed-reading on a laptop. I just let Awasu run overnight and pull down all the feeds so that in the morning, I can just sling my laptop into my bag and catch up on my feeds during the course of the day. This release adds some really cool features for those of you who use Awasu like this.

Offline feed items let you configure channels to automatically download the linked-to feed items so that they can clicked through to and read even when you're not connected to the Internet.

Offline images are similar: Awasu can now be configured to download images embedded in feed content and show them even when you're offline. No more broken images! :cool:

The other big addition is support for Atom 1.0. Some loose ends still need to be taken care of (well, this is an alpha) but many of the outstanding issues have already been taken care of and will be available in the next release.

Don't forget to check the list of known issues at the bottom of the release notes and have fun!

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Cool. Sort of iPodder for blogcasts.

Just doing a piece on Networking for next week and this post slipped in nicely to support what I'm saying. Then it occurred to me, how about enabling Awasu not only to download the whole posting, but any trackbacks as well?


>>> how about enabling Awasu not only to download the whole posting, but any trackbacks as well?

I'll look into. We'll be downloading pretty much the whole Intarweb soon... :roll:


Actually (puts on hoary old coat and false mustache) while you're at it how about

1. If a trackback comes from a channel I already subscribe to, just point a link to the post that I've already downloaded
2. Give me a "horizon" control that lets me control how many levels of trackback I download. If I trackback to you and Jon trackbacks to me, someone reading your post could set it at 0 (plain vamilla) 1 (they get my post as well, 2 (they get Jon's post too) 3, 4 yadda yadda.

(tears of disguise) "Bwahaha, It is I Moriarty, your geeky menisis"

Gotta get more sleep.

tears OFF disguise.

Good night.

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