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Monday 14th November 2005 3:27 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 2.2 is now available here. This is a proper general release so if you've not been keeping up with the beta releases, this one's for you! It comes with an installer that you just have to download and run that will take care of all the installation requirements.

While the last release focused on implementing hard-core features like archiving and search, this one delivers the goods on the user interface :clap:

By popular demand, folders in My Channels were added by extending the old concept of categories. Combined with channel filters, Awasu now has an extremely powerful system for managing your channels.

The entire UI also now sports a completely revamped and improved UI, with a whole bunch of additional windows to manage everything that Awasu does for you now, multiple workpads, Print and Print preview functionality and support for the middle mouse button. And that's just the highlight reel :-). Check out the full feature list in the online help.

We're immensely proud of where Awasu stands now. We have an extremely powerful information management engine under the hood and now we have a great user interface to match. Many thanks to everyone who helped get us here, from the beta testers, to people who contributed plugins and other extensions, to everyone who has supported us financially by buying Awasu and yes, even those of you who sent in (gulp) crash logs :oops:

2.2 ain't over yet, either. There will be a few more things coming out over the next few weeks so stay tuned :-)

And in a strange twist of fate, a few Half-Life related items have shown up in my Awasu over the past few days talking about some new mods and so, as happened after the release of 2.1, I might quietly retire to a cave for a short while for an extended fragging session... :cool:

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Just installed the 2.2 client. I REALLY like the new interface. Great work.

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