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Wednesday 9th November 2005 1:56 PM [Awasu News]

The first draft of the updated help for 2.2 is now available. Please check it out and, as always, feedback is most welcome. The new UI looks great in the screenshots (and yes, there were indeed a brazillion of them :roll:).

One big change was that the layout now assumes at least 1024 pixels of screen width. Does anyone really use anything less than that these days...?

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yes. In fact, most of the people where I'm trying to organise a rollout for application monitoring (see my group emails are so quaint post) use 800 x 600 unfortunately. Much to the bane of our developers. Also, my mother, my auntie, my partners mother and my sister are also still using 800x600. Not surprisingly, none of the above are IT geeks, and the only reason they were using Awasu in the first place was because I showed them it. (Mind you - they all really like it!)

Never assume. It makes an ass of u and me.

Yes. Not only because there still are computers with only 800×600 resolution (and I have one of those still in active travel use), but because there are *lots* of computers with, for example, 1024×768, and not everybody likes to use maximized windows. I, for example, always have other stuff (depending on the computer and task, but e-mail notifiers, instant messengers, Googlebars etc.) that I want to be visible and not covered by application windows.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess the question should've been more like "is the percentage of computers that people are likely to be running Awasu and wanting to read the help file on large enough to warrant laying out the help for <1024 screens?"

I'm really spoiled by my wide-screen display :oops:. Dual-monitor would be better, of course...

Yes, I use Awasu in less than 1024x768, because it's run on my second monitor (which *is* 1024x768), but which also has Desktop Sidebar running on it :-)

A quick look using Spy++ suggests I'm using Awasu at 821x768, with the main view window at 620x451.

My Aunt is the only person I know to be using 800x600 (actually I think she may be using 640x480...) but that is only because she can't see anything due to the size scaling on higher resolutions. Even the machines at school are all locked into 1024x768 (which annoys me as I'm used to 1280x1024) but isn't too bad...So my point is that 1024 shouldn't be TOO much of a problem.

I too have problems seeing at 1024x768 - although this is a rather recent problem due to an onset of glaucoma. I still use 1024x768, but I have accommodated by writing my own stylesheets (and templates) to increase the font sizes - it isn't always pretty, but at least I can see it.

A lot of schools use 800x600, especially if they can only afford 15" screens - writing is often too small on 1024, particularly for younger kids.

I think it would be a serious mistake to make an interface which was awkward for 800x600 displays. When I design websites, I do so keeping in mind the lowest capability likely to be found among potential viewers. That's a good philosophy for anyone creating software.

I personally use 800x600, and some of us find higher resolutions just too hard to read (my eyes aren't what they used to be).

Just my 2 cents' worth.

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